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There has been an arthritis cure for quite some time... called CMO. 

My name is Julie.  My father-in-law, Dr. Sands, discovered the cure for arthritis a decade ago but no one was ever allowed to tell you, not even me.  I've been silent until now because the law required it.  My situation has changed a lot since 1996, now I am free to tell the truth and share my story with you.

The truth is...
* The predecessor to Dr. Sands' CMO arthritis cure was discovered in 1971.  more...
* A US patent for curing rheumatoid arthritis was issued in 1978.  more...
* CMO, a natural arthritis cure, was available in 1995, mass manufactured since 1996.
* A US patent for curing osteo-arthritis was issued in 1996.  more...

* CMO has been exported with health claims since 1998.
* The US Government silenced CMO's "arthritis cure" claims on May 16, 2000.  more...
* Since May of 2000, CMO has been quietly manufactured, without natural arthritis cure claims, right here in the US.
* To date, CMO has been exported to 45 countries and Dr. Sands' book has been published in several languages, helping cure arthritis for millions.

Hard to believe? 
Not if you compare it to vitamin C.  Vitamin C cures scurvy and CMO cures arthritis, but neither of the manufacturers are allowed to tell you.  I don't manufacture it or sell it, so I can tell you the truth about CMO (and vitamin C).  I
can tell the world, or appear on the Dr. Oz show, but here in the United States, the manufacturer couldn't.  That is why you won't find health claims about scurvy on a jar of Vitamin C or claims about curing arthritis on a bottle of CMO.

Why can't the manufacturer say it cures arthritis?  
Because by definition, to "treat, cure or mitigate" disease you have to apply with the FDA for a drug application.  It usually takes 7 years and about 250 million dollars to complete the application and all required testing.  That is not the normal course or cost for bringing nutritional supplements to the market place.  If they make it a drug, then you would need a prescription.  Could you imagine making a doctor's appointment just to get vitamin C or CMO?   

Nutritional supplements can only claim to "alter structure or function".  Like run faster, have more energy, grow stronger bones or increase flexibility.  You  aren't allowed to claim you cure disease with nutritional supplements, even if the medical books say vitamin C is the proper treatment and cures scurvy.  Even when doctors write about CMO in over a dozen books telling how it cures arthritis or
9,000 patients have been medically monitored and 2,617 more have been clinically studied, the manufacturer, distributors and retail stores still can't make any health claims. 

When Doctors don't tell you, it's because...
They could lose their license using alternative medicines or supplements.  Even the FDA outlawed some natural supplements in 2011 and were going after more.  Doctors are subject to licensing boards.  Using an unofficial treatment exposes a doctor to the risk of lawsuits.  They could lose their medical license under review if they don't follow the standard treatment protocols.  It is rare to find doctors who
integrate nutritional supplements into their practice like Dr. Robert C. Atkins who cured his arthritic patients with CMO.  Don't blame your doctor, blame the medical system.  An absurd system that already outlawed some forms of vitamin B6 and was trying to outlaw other natural vitamins (even vitamin C) in 2011.  more...

Imagine what your life would be like if you were free of arthritis in 30 days?
That's where I come in.  I want the information in this book about how a nutritional food extract, called CMO, can naturally cure arthritis to become common knowledge.  I hope this information becomes as popular here in the US as it is in Europe and China.  So, I am giving away a free electronic copy of The 30 Day Arthritis Cure.  No strings, no forms, no gimmicks not even your email address.  Just click the link at the bottom of the page and download a full PDF copy of the book.   


Some web pages contain excerpts from the book. To get all the details, get a copy now!

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